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Alright, as some of you know I started getting into wedding photography during the fall of 2012. Now I consider myself a more than capable portrait photographer, so I went in feeling fairly confident I would not mess things up too badly! with that said the learning curve of properly photographing a wedding is steep! So I decided after talking with a good friend who I also consider a mentor Moshe Zusman ( that it would make the most sense before I dove in head first to do what we photographers call "second shooting" meaning assist the main photographer and catch the moments they may not be able to. 

Here are some images from 2 of my favorite weddings from the 2013 wedding season. 

This is also the last post before I revamp my website. so I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did taking them! 

Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year. 


 Joe messenger


Becca Watkins



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Love. Ahhh love....

Spring is here and love is in the air! So, to celebrate I present a few images from my first two weddings and various couples sessions that I've done. 

It was a huge honor to capture my good friends weddings and engagements, so enough talk! Enjoy the pics below and love those you cherish most.



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All That Remains Concert photography is like therapy to me. I love the moment when the house lights drop and the band takes the stage, and being in the best seat in the house with camera in hand is a massive rush! also, it had been ages since I had photographed my friends in the band so I had to make that happen. I was kind of an All That Remains fan previously, but now I can definitely say I am. They put on one hell of a show! As a photographer I love energetic performances, and all bands on this three band bill did not fail to disappoint. The show was opened by the band Rome Apart, who were tight and powerful as well. 

check these guys out

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Sevendust THIS WAS COOL.  

I have been a Sevendust fan since the early 2000's and when I got the chance to finally photograph them I jumped at the chance.

and to sweeten the deal the lineup also included the bands Lacuna Coil and a reunited Coal Chamber.


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WPPI Photowalk So a couple of really cool things happened this month! 

First, I can finally say I have been to Las Vegas! Before last weekend the farthest west I had travelled was to Arkansas, yes. Arkansas. 

Second, WPPI! The WPPI conference is a massive photography school and trade show aimed at wedding and portrait photography. You see everything from master classes from people like my mentor and good friend Moshe Zusman teaching the business of wedding photography to seeing some of the most beautiful portraits taken being judged by a panel of top level photographers. Its an experience to be sure. 


If you are serious about your photography definitely budget some time and money for this, you WILL benefit from it greatly. Being around some of the most talented and inspirational people in our profession, seeing how they do everything from close a sale to make even the most boring photographic situation incredible. 


These images were some behind the scenes from my good friend Kristi Sherk's photowalk around the MGM Grand complex.The walk was sponsored by a great light modifier company Photoflex, great people! go check em' out!! Here Kristi was demonstrating the various uses of reflectors and scrims to mimic the effect of studio light, It was a fun and educational experience, as I mainly use my 42" reflector to bounce my flashes. 


The WPPI experience is one that I will cherish, have met some great people and was able to take part in an amazing weekend with some good friends 

and fellow photographers from the DC area. If you are on the fence about attending I can whole-heartedly say you should take the leap and go. 




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Fitness and Pregnancy  

I did my first fitness themed maternity session yesterday with an awesome personal trainer named Maritza Rodriguez. She is a total inspiration to me, months back she took a nasty spill and basically had to relearn how to walk. Her determination is nothing short of heroic. 

Here are a few images from the session. 

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Zappa plays Zappa A couple of weeks ago I photographed the amazing Dweezil Zappa at Rams Head Live in Baltimore MD. Dweezil is the son of the legendary musician and outspoken activist Frank Zappa, the family lineage shows in Dweezil and bands AMAZING renditions of some of Frank Zappa's most popular songs. This show was a blast to shoot, and im grateful to be able to capture such amazing musicians at one of the state of MD's best live music venues. 

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Merica! (What I've been up to so far) It's kind of odd to write prolifically about some of the things I photograph, like pretty girls and fast cars. Its visceral and words can and do get in the way. I was asked by motorsports model, drag racer and all around sweetheart Krista Elyse to shoot some fun new content for her website. And when she mentioned I could have access to some amazing Ford Mustang's from Justins Performance Center , I couldn't get my camera gear ready fast enough. I LOVE cars! And its been something I've always wanted to add more of to my portfolio. I photographed Krista with a 1100hp Twin Turbo mustang as well as an awesome Grabber Blue 1290hp Mustang GT. I want to send a huge thanks to Aaron at JPC for the great hospitality. Follow Krista on Twitter at @KristaElyse 

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Fitness photography and how I got into it. My passion for fitness photography started with a diagnosis.. In January of 2010 I was sitting at a svelte 377 lbs. In February of that year I started having sudden (minor, yet scary) heart rhythm issues, a wake up call to say the least. BUT! I did nothing until November when my doctor laid it out in clear language. "lose the weight or get used to hospitals". That's all it took. Fast forward to now. I am over 140 pounds down without any surgery. "How does this factor into your photography?" you may be asking.. Well along the way I ended up becoming friends with fitness competitors and personal trainers, and I found their dedication to be motivating for my own journey. 

I do it to share my passion and hopefully to motivate others with their fitness goals, whatever they may be.


This is Glory, One of my good friends and a huge supporter and motivator to me. 



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The year in review (and my first blog post!) This is kind of exciting! My first blog post! So to celebrate a great 2012 I am doing a quick "year in review" of some of the work I've done this past year. It is a scattering of personal work, models, wedding and concert photography. I am humbled to have been able to work with such great people. I am looking forward to what the new year brings us all. 


Thank you for a great 2012! 

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